Lighter Being is a weekly video series of mindfulness practices for organizations who want to improve the lives of their staff as well as individuals seeking more balance in their lives.


This transformative program features Live Free Yoga Co-founder and President, Tida Chambers, a master yoga and mindfulness teacher. Tida guides you through a variety of relaxation, breathing and movement practices to help improve mental and emotional stability, focus, job satisfaction, performance, reduce stress, cultivate inner-peace and an overall lighter sense of being. 

Tida Chambers, Co-founder & President, Live Free Yoga

What to Expect

Video Content: Organizations and individuals can license Lighter Being for up to one year. The program includes one short video per week, approximately 15 minutes long, designed sequentially to gradually expand the user experience and knowledge of mindfulness. Each video will focus on a theme that includes various mindfulness tools to cultivate a Strong Mind, Brave Heart, Wise Body, and Noble Spirit.


The format of each video includes (see sample video above):

  • Check-in with your state of being

  • Conscious breathing practice

  • A gentle movement practice that can be done anywhere

  • Guided relaxation

  • Mindful practices for the coming week to inspire users to develop their own consistent mindfulness practice, which is the key to acquiring the true benefits of mindfulness.

Bonus Support:

Facebook Group (educators only): All educators will have access to a private Facebook Group called, "E.D.U.C.A.T.E." It stands for Empathy, Discover, Uplift, Connect, Awareness, Teach, Empower - all the things educators do for their students. This is a self-care sanctuary for educators. There will be live video discussions, inspiring and engaging posts, and some additional mindfulness practices. 


Group Check-in (organizations only):  All users will receive access to monthly 60-minute live group meetings hosted by a Live Free Yoga team member and be guided through various mindfulness practices, opportunities for live Q&A, and interaction with others in the live community.

Ripple Effect:

By committing to the Lighter Being experience users will not only create a positive impact for themselves, but the ripple effect will transcend from the individual to those whom they touch personally and professionally. 

Next Steps...

If you are interested in licensing Lighter Being or learning more about the program, click the button to contact us. We'll get back to you ASAP!

How to Access Videos...

Organization staff

  1. Check with your organization's representative to receive your designated passcode.

  2. Hover over the "Organization" tab in the menu and select your organization.

  3. Enter the passcode

  4. Wallah! You now can access all video and audio recordings.


  1. Go to the Individuals tab in the menu

  2. Click on Pricing Plans

  3. Select your plan

  4. Make Payment

  5. Create login

  6. Use login to access videos

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Phyllis Smith & Tida Chambers